Avoid Stinkin Thinkin

Avoid Stinkin Thinkin

Remember, amateurs built Noah’s Ark Whereas, The Titanic was built by professionals! INSTEAD! LEARN, COMMITMENT, FOCUS, AND SELF-CONTROL BECAUSE CHAMPIONS ARE ACHIEVER! NEVER EVER! ARE THEY JUST FOLLOWER!


Life! To make your ways through this life and survive One must seek the meaning of life itself. As life is a time of learning; we must all set achievable goals, Then we must tactfully, impart on to others, that knowledge, already learned! Ultimately, we must learn to...


THE WINNER! Is the one who molds his victories, by adapting his plans and resources to the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. This is, the genius. And! the one who will no doubt be, THE WINNER!


LOOKING AT LIFE THROUGH MY EYES Look at life as a beautiful rich thought one woven from many rich and wonderful colours. If you do not like the way, your world is, Then change it. However, do it one-step at a time. To want is to select a goal The key is your action...

Practice the art of winning!

Practice the art of winning! Spar with the competition while learning their weaknesses Know when and where they are most likely to attack. One is strong if he can make the competition react to him and his every move However, one is weak if he must react to the...