Practice the art of winning!

Spar with the competition while learning their weaknesses
Know when and where they are most likely to attack.

One is strong if he can make the competition react to him and his every move
However, one is weak if he must react to the competition!

Develop your own personal flawless strategy.
Make sure it is ‘formless’, and above all ‘invisible’ to your competitors,
A ‘formless strategy’ cannot be discovered!
Your competition cannot defeat an ‘invisible strategy!

Defeat the competition by controlling the situation,
Then your competitors will be left to wonder.
How you were able to control the situation.

Always make your results obvious
While your methods remain hidden.

Each conflict represents a unique situation.
Therefore, your strategies should flow like water.
However, be wily and do not repeat successful strategies

The winner is the one who moulds his victories
by adapting his plans and recourses to
the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents
He is, the genius. – And! Will become the winner!