This quote was sent to me by a very good friend Tim Sheeper. Who is one of the most successful triathlon coaches in the USA! I am happy to call him my friend!

Tim said November, 2013:

I met Col Stewart while I was in my late 20’s. I considered myself an advanced, hard training athlete at the time. However after meeting Col and Miles Stewart and learning their training methods and their approach to triathlon, I realized that I had a long way to advance before I would be able to reach my potential. Col approached the sport very professionally and put hard work and dedication beyond all else. He set very high expectations for all the athletes that sought out his leadership.

He instilled in each athlete the sense that they could achieve what they wanted to achieve if they just took the preparation seriously and methodically.

Col was very clear that the sport of triathlon could be engaged in for fun and enjoyment, but if full potential was to be achieved a great deal of sacrifice, perseverance, and hard work would bring each of the athletes to self-realization.

Col was unwavering in his points of view and his techniques. He never once second-guessed the work load, intensity or design of workout he prescribed. The self-confidence he exuded as a coach carried over into his athlete followers. He in a sense was attempting to make everyone “harder”, “tougher”, “durable” and able to withstand the rigors of the challenging sport of triathlon.

Col’s teachings in sport have carried over into all aspects of my life.

The pushing that he provided me during his tutelage has left a lasting imprint on my sporting and business behaviours. There is nothing that I cannot conquer currently after lasting a year of training under Col Stewart.

This is not to say that Col was always a friendly “good-ol-boy” coach. More often than naught I despised him for his techniques and high expectations. It did take me time and distance to understand how fortunate I was to be associated with his world class methods and ideals.

Happy Holidays my good man.

All the best to you and your family,



Tim wrote; Quote: –
Col! The power of the message is to see how many lives you have touched
and improved through your coaching.

To this day I still think of workouts that I did with you back in
’89,’90,’91, and how they shaped me as an athlete and coach.

Hope you are still showing the people how high the bar is.
If they want to be reach their potential.

All the Best; – Tim Sheeper …. USA Triathlon Coach!