From my successfully years coaching elite swimmers; then cyclists & becoming Head Coach to both sports. I wanted a chance to use all my my coaching knowledge so I decided on a change to this new sport called triathlon, typically me I was soon coaching many International Triathletes starting late1982 through to 2012. The number built many internationals traveled from many different countries to see what I was doing different. In a short time I was known for my skills & more so for my numerous top results, In some races my athletes would fill up to 7 of the top 10 places. I was known by my peers as arguably the sports #1 Specialist triathlon coach; the founder coach to the sports ‘Elite Triathletes’ I was named ~ A Super Coach then a Coaching Legend all before 1987. Then many state, national, international, world champions from 2000 I was now producing Olympians from different countries.


In 2017.     I still wanted to use my proven skills, work with the more serious age-groupers, those wanting to learn & use my numerous proven skills. I always believed that the age-grouper is “the backbone of out great sport” so, I was seeking those wanting more than a social type group.


Never one to look for the quick fix, never in a hurry to reach goals, mine is in injury free longevity type training one of learning & using many new skill. Yes! We were building nicely 6 of my 14, Squad & On-Line members had qualified for a start in the 70.3 World Championships. Taupo. NZ. No, 2020. 


Not bad for a  totally new concept age-group squad, one based on building “Superior Skills & techniques’ specific to the sport, ones that have repeatedly proven to improve the individual athletes overall performance, by improving their: 

Balance, Breathing, Blood-flow, Techniques & Skills,

Superior Overall Fitness, Strength & Motivation.

I was teaching new Swim, Bike, Run, Triathlon, Transition, Skills proven to help elevate the more serious age-groupers performance.



The squad was building, slowly but correctly, goals being set & being reached, then we were hit with over 4 months of Lock down caused by Corona C-19.

Now it is time to raise back up, reset goals & move on!