By Col Stewart a true legend of the sport!

Fair to say I have always known that my many results & achievements were mainly due to my ability to develop many new different ways & skills for my athletes to use in these three Olympic sports and as used in our triathlon racing. I had to learn early how to combine these for triathlon racing. Then I needed to teach these new methods to my athletes. This I did by repetitive training pushing each one till they became much stronger fitter & faster. As they gained confidence in themselves and my judgements and work loads. So, they became more confident to race and win any distance triathlon races!
If I was too succeed, I knew I would need to draw from & use my past experience of coaching top Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners. Furthermore & most importantly, I knew I would need to. Attend, Run & Coach every session Swim \- Bike \- Run. Coach them how to do a full Triathlon including two Transition. That I had to be focused on my athletes learning how too master the many new changed,revamped & upgraded; by me. Skills & Drills required & used in the performance of all distance races, sprint to IM triathlon.
Also I knew that most of the skills used in the three Olympic sports used in a triathlon race, would need to be changed & revamped, then tweaked so as to build a totally one sport concept by using the different three sports strengths. .
Always the training of my athletes was spiked by using my own personal, but totally unique.
Sports Specific Circuit Training, Balance, Breathing, Meditation & Motivational Exercises.
Now, 2018. I am in the process of forming a new Triathlon Coaching Concept, one that will cater for the needs of the above average, including some past elite with a need or urge to keep learning new skills & to keep advancing.
This squad will be known as: –

Col Stewart’s Elite Masters Tri-Squad.

I offer them: –  Individual ~ Squad ~ On-Line
The Combo. Squad & On-Line Coaching combined.
My requirements are. They must be serious minded athletes who have set their personal goals like,training to race at  “their best” in State, National even some International races like some I have already targeted in Japan, while always working towards their personal goals, that could & should be ~ podium finishers in lead up selection races for either.

2018.  ITU World Triathlon Championships. The Gold Coast. September 2018.

2018.  IM World Championships Kona. Hawaii.

2018.  70.3 (IM) World Championships.

2018.  IM ‘ROTH’. Germany.