Col’s offer.

To all serious Local, National, International, Triathletes; who would like to achieve top results, maybe hoping to gain a start in the 2018 ITU or IM World Championships. However, are unable to attend any or all of my Tri-coaching sessions. I offer my vast proven Skills & Triathlon Coaching knowledge in Swim – Bike – Run & Triathlon by way of.


They are suitable for all the following:

Males & females.

Juniors ~ Age Grouper ~ Elite/Pro’s.

All ages  All levels ~  All Distances,

ITU /- SPRINT /- OLYMPIC /- LONG-COURSE /- IM /- 70.3 /- 5150

My On-Line programs are completely unique,

as they are individual programs written for each athlete.

Facts about my On-Line Triathlon Coaching Programs: –

  • They have already produced, many top results & champion triathletes.

  • Every session, Swim – Bike – Run – Transition – Exercises – Breathing – Balance – Stretching, is written in full detail, therefore they are extremely easy to understand & follow.

  • Written to cover each athletes, personal time restraints like work, school, family & other commitments  

  • If the athlete follows all, even most of my programs as written then provides truthful feedback on all work completed, advancement & any problems faced.  I would guarantee you will enhance your overall triathlons skills, strength & speed-endurance in all swim, Bike, Run & Transitions.


Combining: – My Individual & Squad Sessions with my On-Line programs!

Together we could combine these 3 methods to suit your personal improvement & advancement.

Yes! There is still time for you to train & qualify for

2018 ITU or IM & 70.3. World Championships.