You can book & attend any or all of these sessions.

For information on requirements, confirming start times, costs or TBA

Please contacts: – (e) (m) 0417756074 Save & Exit

Swim: –   Sat or Sun 1330 hours \- Tue 0730 hours \- Fri 0645 hours or Coach’s written self-swim program

Bike: –     Sat 0630 hours \- Mon 0630 hours \-  Wed 0630 hours (these are are the winter start times)

Run: –     Sat, Mon, Wed. run off bike as transition\- Sun Long run\- Tue pm speed type run\- Thu 0630 hours long run


Proposed Training Times  August 2017
Mon        0630 hours. Long Ride meet easy t stores Robina. Run off the bike bring bike & run gear extra water
Tue         0730 hours.   Swim Miami Pool to 9am for Triathlon & Fitness swim, stroke, drills, strengthening.
Wed        0630 hours.   Longer ride & run meet Easy t. 6.30 start run off the bike (cycle & Run gear).
Thu         0630 hours. Long sports specific run
Fri           0645 hours Swim Miami Pool
Sat           0630 hours   Ride & Run off Bike “Man on the Bike” Connection & Trees Road meet school parking Connection Rd
Sat or Sun.   Day to TBA Swim Miami pool 1330 hours
Sat \- Sun \- Thu  0630 hours Long Run venues TBA.

Col says!

    If your wish is to become the best.

Then you should train & learn from the best.

A brief on, the highly qualified Specialist Triathlon Coach: –
Col Stewart. … ASM
A fully NCC Accredited Level ‘3’ Specialist Triathlon Coach. Since 1997.
Known by his peers as arguably the worlds #1 Specialist Triathlon Coach.
The founder coach of the sport of triathlon 1984.
 The National Elite Teams then  Head Coach of Triathlon Australia 1997 thru 2003.
He is an Endurance Sports Coach, Advisor, Consultant, Motivator,
He is also an astute mentor to coaches & athletes 

“A Coach of Coaches”.