You too can train in Paradise on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast.

with a coaching legend, Triathlon’s Super Coach.

Col Stewart.

gold-coastCol moved from NSW in 1983 when he chose to move his family and live and train in Paradise on the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland.

The hills shown in the back of this photo go up to 11,400 meters and this is where all of my Cyclists, runners and Triathletes were trained and mentored

It is here Col has trained & produced many of his State, National, International, World Champions & Olympians. With his increadable results list it is easy to understand how he can boast that we offer the best coaching & many of the best training venues, in the world!


miami-olympic-poolOn the beautiful Gold Coast we have many excellent Olympic size swimming pools; the Miami Pool, shown in this photo, offers 18 lanes in two separate Olympic size pools. Plus we offer open water swimming in our lakes or beautiful golden sandy beaches.

Great places to ride & run like mountain ranges, rolling hills, flats, trails & many other safe training areas in a clear, clean environment. Lots of Kangaroos to be seen hopping around on our Rides & Runs,

Training is available all year round. Temperatures are moderate with an average winter day temperature of approx 21 to 26 daily.